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Morandi colors non woven fabric for your choice

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All of us have seen countless colorful colors, however, how much do you know about colors? Is there one color that can give you a peaceful, elegant and pure feeling? Yes, the answer is Morandi colors, a group of soothing and peaceful color.

Morandi colors are derived from the paintings of Giorgio Morandi, a famous Italian print maker and oil painter.

These muted colors are gentle and cold, but such a tone of the opposite bright line makes the whole painting full of mystery, giving people elegance, novelty, sincerity and comfort.

(Giorgio Morandi and his artwork)

According the Morandi colors, Bairuijia Non woven Fabric produce the Morandi colors PP spun bond non woven fabric, from width 10-3200mm, weight 10-200gsm, hundreds of morandi colors for your choose. Morandi colors refer to a muted and pale color palette, which is not bright as if covered with a layer of gray tone.

Use the fabric to make face masks, releasing the soothing elegance.

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(Morandi colors pp spunbond non woven fabric from Bairuijia)

(The morandi colors face masks)

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